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As UOY only produces Made-on-Demand apparel, every garment is specifically made for our clients. We only produce what is requested and nothing more, making us a 100% stock free brand.


By assembling a custom garment made uniquely for you, and with the help of 3D innovative technology that helps us capture your body measurements up to 99% of precision, we are able to calculate every inch of fabric needed in order to produce your garment, being able to use it to its full capability without any waste.


Just like our suppliers, UOY takes a stand on sustainability and choses to work locally. By manufacturing our products in an artisanal manner, we help smaller factories continue their growth and production. With simple gestures like these, we manage to reduce any kind of waste for ourselves and our factories. As such, UOY is able to contribute to the decrease in the existence of landfills, water waste, excess energy and is capable of not hurting any animals in the process.